Tarot AF | Tarot Reader

Have you ever wondered why you had that deep, funny feeling in your stomach? Or dreamt about a situation or event occurring before it did? Or had a strange vibe about a person or a place at your first glance?

However you perceive that voice inside you, whether it's a Spirit, Angels, a Deity, The Universe or Divine Light, it's here to protect you. Ultimately though, you hold the power and are the channel for it's earthly manifestation.

Sometimes we need a little help tapping into this guidance, so hopefully, Tarot AF will help you do just that!

Out of all the Tarot readers, there's a reason you've arrived here and I can't thank you enough for entrusting me to channel the current energies at play, I take this responsibility very seriously and I hope something of what I say resonates with you.

Sending light and love to you all,

Tarot AF x