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Welcome to Tarot AF, I am so honoured that you are here!

As with any journey, my spiritual one has meandered and changed courses since it begun, all of which has led me to this moment, with you.

Tarot came into my life when my best friend arrived back in London from Australia. I had taken a whole month off work, which was something I never allowed myself to do, and found some breathing room for what felt like the first time in my life. I was surrounded by love from friends and that had dispelled the natural anxiety, frustration, and fear I had been feeling.

I was in a bookstore looking at diaries, which happened to be next to the spiritual section. The Rider-Waite Smith Tarot deck was calling to me from the shelf. I felt a magnetic pull towards it. I had never had my Tarot read before, or had anyone in my life who had used Divination tools, but something, a voice inside of me, my intuition that I refer to as Spirit, was asking me to pick them up.

I picked up the Tarot cards and brought them that day, very much to the amazement of my friend!

Over the course of the next month, I delved into the world of Tarot. For two years I read cards for friends and family, who soon began to frequently request readings. My background in acting training meant I’ve always been a natural story teller, highly attuned to people’s emotions and energies, and I found that I naturally felt the imagery of the cards as a storybook, with the combinations and nuances evolving each time I read.

Sadly, work soon piled on top of me again and my Tarot deck was left on the shelf, opened only on an evening or a free weekend.

Fast forward two years, and I found myself moving back home home, to my parents after 5 years away due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything had changed around me - a full “Tower” moment - and I started using my Tarot cards every day. I spoke to The Universe and asked Spirit for help and guidance. I found I’d come home, in more ways than one.

My journey continued, and I started small, offering readings to friends and family again, undertaking courses and working with experienced Tarot readers to gain further depth and understanding. The requests for reading grew, and I knew I wanted to serve as many people as possible, so I turned to Instagram, YouTube and TikTok… and the rest is history!

The first card I ever pulled….

Upon reading Tarot, I asked Spirit for a card that would represent my journey with Tarot. Out jumped the Ten of Cups, the card of the full nourished heart. It promised me a community of family and friends, with a feeling of completion and wholeness. As usual, the cards were right. The people I have met on this journey - clients, fellow readers and followers on social - have been that and more. I feel surrounded by love and light from them and The Universe. I couldn’t be more grateful for this journey.

What is the meaning behind Tarot AF?

Tarot is all about fun, and I wanted to have a tongue and cheek name, but really those are my initials too! I’m Anna Franek, (hello lovely to meet you!) and I guarantee you we’ll be giggling at some point during your reading!

What’s the meaning of your motto, Ask it. Read it. Live it.?

This motto represents the pillars of Tarot AF:

Sometimes we need a little help tapping into the natural guidance around us, and sometimes we don’t know who, how, or quite what to do. That’s okay, that’s what Tarot is here for. Take a breathe and just…Ask it.

Not everyone can interpret the signs. This is where I come in. I will guide you closer to your voice and with the help of the cards, we can…Read it.

Readings are about your energy in the moment. Remember, you have the power to alter circumstances by changing your behaviour in the present, as you…Live it.

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