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About Tarot

People choose to have a tarot reading for a range of reasons: family, profession, relationships, personal development and work matters are just a few. Whatever the question, I feel tarot is a powerful tool for self care and empowerment. The Universe, Spirit and your guides always have wisdom that they are waiting to share with you.

The reading we embark on together will provide you with messages interpreted from the cards, and your intuition will guide you towards your next best step on your highest path.

As laid out in my disclaimer (which I encourage you to read through in full), I will always be respectful of your life choices and will always provide you confidentiality and honesty. If you have questions or concerns prior to a booking, you can always email me!

I believe you’re reading this now, for a reason. That you’ve been guided here via my social media channels, a google search or through a friend for a purpose. Maybe that is to decide that I’m not your Tarot Reader but you’re going to continue on with your search, which is absolutely fine!

When you book a session with me, I am at your service, your guide. As in life, you have free will and control, your energy leads us forward. I’m here to walk beside you and point out the sign posts, if you want me to.

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