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Every service is sold as informational guidance and entertainment only. Readings are for entertainment purposes and do not replace any medical, financial, legal or relationship advice.

I, Anna Franek, am not responsible for any given outcome or result.

No financial, legal issues or health issues will be read. These are to be handled with a licensed professional, not Tarot AF (Anna Franek).

I, Anna Franek, am not responsible for anything you experience or do as a result of your reading. Please be mindful of your actions and care for your emotions as you need following your reading. Any action taken by an individual after viewing a video will be held accountable for their own free will decisions.

You agree you will not publish, display, share, distribute and/or archive any material, photo, content, etc. without express written permission from Tarot AF (Anna Franek).

that personal readings are not always 100% accurate due to free will and actions that you take which change paths constantly.

All readings are confidential between Tarot AF (Anna Franek) and the CLIENT.

You must be 18 years of age.

It is not acceptable to demand a refund after you have left a psychic reading, on the basis of accuracy - you are charged for time not content.

Ethical Code

All readings are conducted with the client alone, unless translation or physical support is necessary.

Clients are treated with sensitivity and respect.

If specialist information is sought, the reader directs clients to the relevant profession (such as legal, medical, or financial).

Readings are not knowingly given to clients aged under 18 years.

Three Month Rule

A one-to-one reading covers the next three to nine months, and will unfold over that time. To maintian perspective, readings are not given to the same person more than once in three months. Tarot AF strongly discourages dependent relationships with divinatory consultants, and this policy expresses my commitment to that principle.

Tarot AF (Anna Franek) will contact the client in the event that an additional reading is booked in within three months of their last session.

*The exception to the Three Month Rule are Magic 8 sessions.